Journalist Augusto Nunes attacks Glenn Greenwald in Panic; video – CORREIO newspaper

<pre>Journalist Augusto Nunes attacks Glenn Greenwald in Panic; video - CORREIO newspaper

Record journalist Augusto Nunes assaulted The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald during a guest appearance on Jovem Pan's Panic program on Thursday (7).

Before the program, the American tweeted that he was happy because he would have the opportunity to question Nunes face to face. "I just arrived at Young Pan to do @programapanico and found that @augustosnunes – who said a juvenile judge should investigate the removal of our children – will participate. I'm very happy because I have many questions for him," he wrote.

During the Panic, Glenn called Nunes a coward over comments the journalist made about his children with Rep. David Miranda. At this point, the two get up in exaltation and get physically close. Nunes ends up slapping the other journalist's face. The program was interrupted after the confusion.

Child Comment
In September, Nunes stated that the Juvenile Court should ascertain the welfare of Glenn's two children with David Miranda. During the program "The Dripping on the Is", he suggested that the couple is negligent with the children. It was this comment that angered Glenn.

“And this is it. I was thinking about this couple. Glenn Greenwald spends the day chirping on Twitter, or working as a recipient of stolen messages. This David is in Brasilia dealing with cracks, which is the suspicion, that this is hard work. Who cares for the children they adopted ?! That's where a juvenile court should investigate, ”Nunes told presenter Felipe Moura Brasil.

In the program, journalist Nil Moretto condemned the comment. “My parents worked away from home all their lives. In most families I know parents work. This little guy's reasoning on the microphone is very limited… imagine who he influences? ”.

At the time, Glenn used social networks to repudiate Nunes's speech. “I did journalism in dozens of countries in the democratic world. An absolute limit, even in political combat, is not to target younger children. The only exception I know is the Bolsonoro movement and this JP e Veja trash: if 2 parents work, should the state investigate their children? ”He wrote on Twitter.

Other journalists showed solidarity with Glenn. "Children, and how to raise them, are out of the public debate. Unless they are public men or women, or if they voluntarily expose themselves. This is not the case with Glenn Greenwald's children." @ggreenwald, who are two children, ages 12 and 8, "wrote Monica Bergamo, a columnist for Folha de S. Paulo." It is absurd to involve children. My affectionate hug in both, "commented Miriam Leitão, from Globo." How absurd! Have prejudice and perversity no longer limit? "Questioned Fabio Pannunzio, former Band. Journalist Gilberto Dimenstein wrote an article criticizing Nunes.

“I ask: is there any sign that the couple's children are being neglected? Only one? That is, should all working couples also be investigated by the court? What about parents who just disappear? It is very dirty to raise, in this way and in public, a suspicion of irresponsibility of paternity ”, said the text.

Veja columnist Nunes replaced Marco Antonio Villa at Jovem Pan after he was removed.

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