After the decision at dawn, the video of the ministerial meeting should be released today


The dean of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Minister Celso de Mello, worked late into the decision on the secrecy of the video of the ministerial meeting held on April 22 with the presence of President Jair Bolsonaro, ex-judge Sérgio Moro and government ministers. The expectation, according to the newspaper Estado de São Paulo, is that the decision will be announced between 4pm and 5pm.

According to Estadão / Broadcast, Celso left the decision ready around 3 am. Perfectionist and detail-oriented, the minister usually revises the texts and makes adjustments until the last minute. The decision may include a transcript of unpublished excerpts from the meeting. One of the questions raised is whether the video of the meeting will be released with the decision, or at a later time. It will be up to the minister’s office to decide this.

Court aides privately heard by the report still do not know how the video would be disseminated. They point out that the court, in theory, could publish the material on its own page, on YouTube or even in the process, but there are logistical issues that still need to be settled.

Sources reported to Estadão that Celso de Mello was incredulous with the video of the meeting and, according to interlocutors, the minister’s tendency was to comply with the request of former minister Sérgio Moro and raise the secrecy of the entire video. A part, however, that concerns China can be removed.

Celso already pointed out in a decision earlier this month “there is no possible space reserved for mystery in the political models that enshrine democracy.”

According to Estadão, the meeting was marked by profanity, a quarrel between ministers, an announcement of the distribution of positions for Centrão and the threat by President Jair Bolsonaro of “generalized” dismissal to those who did not adopt the defense of the government’s agenda.

The video of the ministerial meeting also records Education Minister Abraham Weintraub saying “that everyone had to go to jail, starting with the STF ministers” and the Minister for Women, Family and Human Rights Damares Alves defending the arrest of governors and mayors.

So far, only two excerpts from the meeting have been made public, as transcribed by the Federal Attorney General (AGU), which defends Bolsonaro in the case. “I’ve tried to change people from our security in Rio de Janeiro officially and I couldn’t. this is over. I will not wait f. my whole slutty family, or my friend, because I can’t change someone from security at the end of the line that belongs to the structure. Will change; if you can’t change, change his boss; he cannot change the chief, the Minister changes. And period. We are not here to play, ”said the president at the time.

In another excerpt, Bolsonaro told the auxiliaries that he cannot be “surprised by news”. “Gee, I have the PF that doesn’t give me information; I have the intelligence of the Armed Forces that have no information; ABIN has its problems, it has some information, it just doesn’t have more because it’s really missing… we have problems… rigging, etc. We cannot live without information ”, said Bolsonaro.

“Who is it that never“ stayed behind… the… the… door listening to what your son or daughter is saying? You have to see it later … after she gets pregnant, there is no point talking to her anymore. You have to see it first. After the kid filled the horns with drugs, there is no use talking to him: it is over. And information is like that. [referências a Nações amigas] So this is the concern that we have to have: “the strategic question”. And we’re not having it. And I’m sorry the information service of ours – everyone – is a shame, a shame, that I am not informed, and you can’t work like that, it is difficult. So I will interfere. End. It is not a threat, it is not extrapolation on my part. It is true, ”said Bolsonaro.

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