‘Are we going to climb on corpses to pluck up resources?’ Asks Guedes


Paulo Guedes, Economy Minister of Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), criticized today parliamentarians and oppositionists who, according to him, have tried to “climb up on corpses to extract government resources” amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus and the deaths caused by the covid -19.

“The reconstruction of a country takes years. We spent a year and a half trying to rebuild. When we are starting to take off, we are hit by a pandemic. We are going to take advantage of a moment like this, of the greatest gravity of a health crisis, and we are going to rise in corpses to make a platform? Are we going to climb on corpses to get government resources? “, he asked.

“This is unacceptable, the population will not accept it. The population will punish those who use corpses as a platform,” added the minister.

In addition to Guedes, today’s speech also included ministers Damares Alves (Woman, Family and Human Rights), Braga Netto (Casa Civil) and Luiz Eduardo Ramos (Presidential Government Secretariat).

According to Damares, the initial idea of ​​the ministers’ collective was to “celebrate” the 500 days of the Bolsonaro government, but the urgency of the coronavirus issue changed the agenda. However, they insisted on concern about the interruption of services and part of the economy.

Within this argument, Paulo Guedes said that it is not the time to ask the police or doctors who take to the streets to “perform their function” for a salary increase and said that the government should not give “medals before the battle”.

“We want to know what we can do as a sacrifice for Brazil at this time, and not what Brazil can do for us. And the medals are given after the war, not before the war. Our heroes are not mercenaries. What is this story about ask for a salary increase because a police officer goes to the street to perform his function or because a doctor goes to the street to perform his function? “, he said.

“If he works harder because of the coronavirus, great, he gets overtime. But give a medal before the battle? The medals come after the war, after the fight. Brazil is strong, raised,” added the minister.

“When we are making this sacrifice, that the giant fell, Brazil is on the ground, it is unacceptable that they try to plunder the giant that is on the ground, that they use the excuse of the health crisis to plunder Brazil when he fell “, complained Guedes.

He justified the decisions to treat some activities as “essential services” in the midst of the pandemic, specifically citing the case of the construction sector.

“In civil construction there are 55 thousand people working, receiving protocols on how to work, mask, distance during the work period, information … And the result is less than 100 deaths. There are 100 in serious condition and 10 deaths, with 55 thousand people working, “he reported, without delving into the nature of these figures.

“Which means that if there is an efficient protocol, living five, six or seven people in a small confined space, the probability of infection there is greater than if he is at work, well looked after, well informed and being tested. Because it is test and treatment. Did you test, are you good? Keep working. Are you bad? Treatment “, he added.

Minister compares Brazil to USA twice

Throughout his speech, Paulo Guedes compared Brazil to the United States in two different passages. The first time, the Minister of Economy said that his government did a better job of curbing unemployment than the American country.

“Americans in the last five weeks have laid off 26 million people, and Brazil has lost less than one million jobs and preserved, registered, 7.5 million jobs with this program of ours,” he celebrated.

Subsequently, Guedes cited the R $ 600 emergency aid paid to part of the population at a time when many services were paralyzed due to social isolation and the fight against the coronavirus.

He compared the aid given by the Brazilian government to what has been done in the United States – according to the minister, who has not provided evidence, the “check (for assistance to the most vulnerable) has not yet arrived” for most of the American population.

“There were 40 million Brazilians scanned in two or three weeks, the money arriving. Meanwhile, in the United States, the check has not yet arrived for the majority of the population, in the most advanced and richest country in the world. stoned while we fight in defense of the country “, defended himself.

Guedes says pandemic was ‘curse and became a blessing’

According to the minister, the “meteor” of the new coronavirus pandemic should be a “curse”, but it ended up becoming a “blessing”: Paulo Guedes stated that there was an increase in exports of agricultural products and minerals.

“Brazil is the only economy in the world that is increasing exports. What was a curse became a blessing. It was a curse to stay 20, 25 years out of the global productive chains. We were sleeping while the world was integrating and advancing. It was a curse. But, curiously, the moment the meteor hits Brazil with this pandemic, what was a curse becomes a blessing. The productive chains are breaking and Brazil is selling agricultural products and minerals “, he said.


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