Bahian influencer says he will sue who accused him of leaking intimate video of ex, Sthe


The Bahian influencer Abner Pinheiro denied that it has anything to do with the leak of the intimate video in which his ex appears, including Sthefane Matos, and his new boyfriend. The young man used social media to say he will also go to court and prosecute who accused him of being responsible for the leak of the record on the web.

“I didn’t want to go into that matter, because it had nothing to do with it. And I had no participation. But, in the last few days, people put me as the culprit guilty of something I didn’t do,” said the Bahian influencer, in his profile on social networks.

He gave details on the reason for continuing to defend himself against the accusations he had received: “There is something called a collective process. A single process that works for several people. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go ahead with this, because I don’t it’s cool that you’re accused of doing something you didn’t do. They accused you without having any proof, and without any idea of ​​the seriousness of it, ”added Abner, who says he made prints of the posts that suggested he was responsible for the leak.

Influencer Sthe Photo: Reproduction – Instagram

In the video, Sthe appears in an intimate moment with her boyfriend, Victor Igoh, who is also an influencer. On the subject, she spoke. He said he would not hide and that he would seek justice. The young woman said her phone was hacked.

“In the early hours of April 5, they invaded my I-cloud (cloud on the internet), a single person who had the password for everything. My cell phone restarted with a new device. And the person stayed with all the content that had on my phone. I lost my photos, messages … Then, that person shared a video of me “, she said at the time, adding that she felt” embarrassed “.

“It is very embarrassing for me to come here to talk about it. It is my intimacy exposed. No woman deserves to have her privacy exposed. Having her life invaded in this way. I am very sad.”

Abner and Sthe, earlier this year, were involved in a controversy after the influencer released a video, in which he appeared desperate after receiving a DNA test. The test said that your baby with Sthe was not your biological child.

Subsequently, then-girlfriend Sthe also made a video claiming that “he always knew” about the case.

Victor, Sthe's new boyfriend, who also appeared in the leaked video
Victor, Sthe’s new boyfriend, who also appeared in the leaked video Photo: Reproduction Instagram
Sthe and Victor
Sthe and Victor Photo: Internet Playback
Abner and Sthe
Abner and Sthe Foto: reproduction / instagram
Influencer Abner used social media to defend himself
Influencer Abner used social media to defend himself Photo: Reproduction – Instagram


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