BE does not give up on Marisa and isolates Ana Gomes without PS


Ana Gomes is more or less in the same house where she was in January: without many politicians coming to defend her candidacy, besides Francisco Assis, Rui Tavares or Paulo Pedroso. And this has a political significance and a weight in the socialist’s consideration. The former MEP admitted to “reflect” on a candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic and continues to ponder, without wanting to reverse. But if many socialists agree that António Costa should not have launched Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, it is another thing to want to show, at this stage, that they support her in a presidential race. Not least because they find that there is no strength within the party to challenge a decision that seems to have been taken and that statements by Ferro Rodrigues or Santos Silva have reinforced it. The minister told the “Observer” yesterday that the party must “pay a lot of attention and consideration to what the voters who vote for the PS think”. And Marcelo is popular with socialists.

During the week, there were no movements of the leftmost wing of the PS or of the party’s heavyweights to feed a momentum for Ana Gomes. On the other hand, BE did not like to be pressured to give up on its own application. Among leaders and even party founders, the message is one: BE does not want to give up its own space in the race to Belém, even if it means risking going against an application by Ana Gomes. “BE will certainly have its own candidacy, which will be different from candidates who essentially represent the socialist area,” assures José Manuel Pureza, deputy and member of the National Bureau of BE, to Expresso.

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