Coronavirus in prisons in DF: for every 4 people tested 1 was contaminated | Federal District


The undersecretary of the Penitentiary System of the Federal District (Sesipe-DF) informed, in the beginning of the night of this Monday (18), that of 3.1 thousand prisoners and criminal police officers tested for the new coronavirus, 748 they were positive. This means that, for every four people who took the test, one was infected.

Sesipe claims that four criminal police officers are hospitalized: one at the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (Hran) and three in the private network. “The others have moderate symptoms and have been removed from activities, says the undersecretary. The 90 recovered returned to work.

National Council of Justice in visit of the human rights commission of the GDF in Papuda, in Brasília – Photo: Gláucio Dettmar / CNJ Agency

Sesipe has failed to disclose the places where the contaminated detainees are located. Criminal officers with coronavirus worked in the following units:

  • Provisional Detention Center (CDP): 33 criminal police officers
  • Internment and Reeducation Center (CIR): 38 criminal police officers
  • Penitentiary of Distrito Federal I (PDF I): 45 criminal police officers
  • Penitentiary of Distrito Federal II (PDF-II): 46 criminal police officers
  • Penitentiary Progression Center (CPP): 18 criminal police officers
  • Penitentiary Directorate of Special Operations (DPOE): 15 criminal police officers
  • Female Penitentiary of the Federal District (PFDF): 1 police officer
  • Sesipe administrative area: 4 servers

According to Sesipe, a series of measures have been taken to prevent the proliferation of coronavirus in prisons in the capital. These include:

  1. Criminal officers participated, on Monday afternoon (18), in a videoconference with infectologist Esperanza Bernal Ramires, on strategies for prevention, detection and control of the coronavirus;
  2. Inmates from the Women’s Penitentiary produced 20,000 masks that will be shared between the Health Department and Sesipe;
  3. Sesipe started to clean cells, vehicles and administration buildings and outside prisons; the same action had been carried out with support from the Brazilian Army and Environmental Surveillance;
  4. Two hundred washable masks have been donated and will be passed on to prison units;
  5. The Secretariat of Tourism (Setur) opened a process to select hotels for criminal police officers to remain in isolation;
  6. Drive-thru system, in the Papuda Complex, for rapid testing of SSP and SES servers that work in prison units;
  7. Two new blocks of the new CDPs, with 200 spaces each, are being used for treatment and quarantine of prisoners during the pandemic, 311 inmates already occupy the blocks.


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