Coronavirus infects 36 elderly people in foster homes in 6 ES cities


A report presented by the Public Ministry of the State of Espírito Santo (MPES) indicates that 39 elderly people were infected by Covid-19 in institutions for the elderly in six municipalities in Espírito Santo. The document is based on inspection carried out twice a week at State Long Term Care Institutions (ILPIs).

The institutions are located in the municipalities of Vitória, Vila Velha, Serra, São Mateus, Aracruz and Alfredo Chaves. Of the total number of infected, 12 deaths were registered in the municipalities of Vitória (7), Vila Velha (3), Aracruz (1) and Alfredo Chaves (1). The total number of contaminated employees in the institutions reaches 46, in the municipalities of Vitória, Vila Velha, Serra, Cariacica, Viana, São Mateus, Aracruz and Marataízes.

In addition to monitoring, the MPES reported that it has taken steps to safeguard the health of residents, employees and family members in the municipalities where the cases have been confirmed.

The survey carried out by MPES indicated contamination by the new coronavirus among elderly people residing in institutions in the following municipalities:

  • Victoria – 20
  • Vila Velha – 11
  • Serra – 3
  • Alfredo Chaves – 2
  • Aracruz – 1
  • São Mateus – 2

Cases of contamination by the new coronavirus among employees:

  • Vila Velha – 14
  • Victory – 9
  • Serra – 6
  • Viana – 1
  • Aracruz – 1
  • Cariacica- 1
  • Marataízes – 1
  • São Mateus – 13
According to the MPES, inspections are carried out twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, using an electronic form developed by the agency and sent to the institutions. The objective is to guarantee the adoption of all established measures for prevention and control of Covid-19 and, also, to guarantee the offer of health care to the elderly living in institutions.
Also according to the Public Ministry, the monitoring of suspected and confirmed cases of infection by the new coronavirus allows notification to the state and municipal managers, who are responsible for implementing public policies. The weekly monitoring allows to determine the responsibilities of the managers of the institutions that provide the service. If the practice of an act practiced to the detriment of the elderly is proven, the directors must respond even in court.

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