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Researchers at the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), in Curitiba, have developed a low-cost alternative to be used as a respirator, which can help patients with Covid-19.

According to professor Hermes Irineu, from the UTFPR electronics department, the device costs about R $ 700 and can be done in two hours. Currently, a traditional device can cost more than 30 thousand, and the high demand has created a scenario of worldwide race for the equipment.

“When you press manually, it kind of opens and closes, and places oxygen. What does our equipment do? It has two built-in paddles, which pressure the equipment. It presses the equipment automatically, in a way that dispenses the help of people. ”

According to UTFPR, the developed respirator costs about R $ 700 – Photo: UTFPR / Disclosure

The respirator was built in partnership with UTFPR and other non-profit institutions. It is being tested in a hospital in Porto Alegre (RS) and still depends on the release of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

After being approved, according to the professor, the team will depend on the raw material, a laser cutting machine and a 3D printer to produce the equipment.

“We, as professionals in public universities, for example, have the satisfaction of giving back to society what it gives us the whole year. It is important that we can gather as many people as possible so that we can contribute a little bit, then we will get there one day, ”said Irineu.

Combating Covid-19 and education

With this respirator, according to the university, UTFPR has hit the mark of 100 projects since the pandemic began almost two months ago.

They are teachers, employees and students involved in actions from the most diverse sectors, such as the production of hygiene items and safety equipment, development of devices and information campaigns.

Equipment is being developed by UTFPR and non-profit partner institutions – Photo: UTFPR / Disclosure

The initiatives were carried out at 15 university headquarters and reached 50 cities in Paraná.

There were almost R $ 1.3 million in investments, with own resources, from the Ministry of Education and partnerships, according to the institution.

“We are, as a public university, showing the need and the importance of these institutions so that we have better conditions to face this difficult situation or others that may happen”, said UTFPR’s rector, Luiz Alberto Pillati.

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