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Coronavirus crisis caused the interruption of 39% of businesses conducted by women, according to Instituto Locomotiva and Rede Mulher Empreendedora

The crisis caused by the coronavirus caused the interruption of the activities of 39% of businesses conducted by women, according to a survey carried out by Instituto Locomotiva and Rede Mulher Empreendedora. The study was carried out with a sample of 1,165 interviews in all regions of the country. In addition to those whose activities were paralyzed, 47% of businesswomen said that business is still working, but with a smaller movement.

With that, 33% said that with the pandemic the monthly income of the business reached zero. For 28%, the ventures are guaranteeing an income that goes up to a minimum minimum wage. Since in 21% of cases, all family income comes from the business run by these women and in 17% more than half of the money that comes into the home comes from these ventures.

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Most of the enterprises led by women operate, according to the survey, in the service sector (61%). There is also participation in industry (21%), trade (17%) and agriculture (1%).

Almost a third (29%) of these companies are not regularized. The remainder have a number in the national register of legal entities, with 39% being individual microentrepreneurs. The total percentage of those who worked alone, without employees, increased from 49%, before the pandemic, to 66% today.

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Among the measures to circumvent the effects of the crisis, 55% of those with employees adopted the distance work scheme and 21% reduced wages. A third of women entrepreneurs said they should fire part or all of the employees due to lost earnings. 84% of the total said they cut spending and 53% went on to make sales online.

However, 43% stated that they cannot deliver at home in the business model they have.

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