Daniel Guedes confirms that he was wanted by Cruzeiro: ‘Professor Enderson called me’


An old acquaintance of Enderson Moreira, Daniel Guedes is the target of Cruzeiro at the coach’s request. In an interview with Rádio Itatiaia, the right-back himself revealed that he was wanted by the Raposa coach. According to the player, they are exchanging messages frequently and working towards an outcome.

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“Professor Enderson called me, asking about my situation and also to find out about my interest in acting for Cruzeiro. It was a direct conversation with him, then I left everything in the hands of my manager and the Santos and Cruzeiro boards,” he said.

“We talk every two, three days, I send a message, he also sends me, I spend all our efforts that have been made to make the situation happen. Professor Enderson is a good person, an excellent professional and gave me my first opportunity at Santos. I started football with him, I have great affection, respect and gratitude for him ”, he added.

Daniel Guedes worked with Enderson Moreira at Santos. It was the coach himself who gave the side the first chances in the professional. The good relationship between the two parties can help negotiation.

“I will do everything to make (the negotiation) happen, so that I can return the affection he had for me at the beginning of his career. I want to give back on the field to help him in this mission ”, he concluded.

What can get in the way is the fact that Daniel Guedes was caught in a doping test last season and is still waiting for a trial. In 2019, the side had a lackluster pass through Goiás, on loan.

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