FGTS 2020: Learn how to withdraw online and without leaving your home


THE Federal Savings Bank has released a new digital tool that allows withdrawal from the Seniority Guarantee Fund (FGTS) for all options disclosed by the Government. Therefore, the bank reduces agglomerations and facilitates workers.

The application allows the withdrawal to be made entirely by the FGTS application. At the moment, the worker will be able to withdraw the FGTS released by the birthday withdrawal. As of June 15, the withdrawal may be made by 60.2 million workers in the emergency withdrawal, to be paid due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The worker can request that the withdrawal be made in a Caixa or other financial institution account, free of charge, through the application. It is also possible to consult the values ​​of your FGTS already released for withdrawal, upload documents and follow the steps between the request and the release of the amounts for withdrawal.

The FGTS application also allows you to consult the balance and statement of FGTS accounts, choose the withdrawal-withdrawal or withdrawal-anniversary system, perform the SMS service registration, in addition to presenting a section with the most frequently asked questions.

FGTS emergency withdrawal of R $ 1,045

O Federal government released new withdrawals from the active and inactive accounts of the Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS) in the amount of R $ 1,045. With this, many workers were in doubt about the release of the benefit withdrawals.

According to the Government, all workers, anyone with an account, active or inactive, you can withdraw the FGTS from June 15 to December 31, the period in which the benefit was released.
It is worth remembering that as it is a Provisional Measure (MP), the operation has immediate application. However, the text needs to be approved by Congress in 120 days. Faced with the crisis of coronavirus, Congress issued an act for the MPs to have a faster rite in the Legislature during this period, of just 16 days.

Now, it will be up to the benefit payment manager, the Federal Savings Bank, the definition of criteria and the withdrawal schedule of the Fund. Still in the same MP, it is decided to close the PIS-Pasep Fund. The text is a way to mitigate the effects on the economy of the coronavirus pandemic.

The release of new FGTS withdrawals has been studied since March 13. At the time, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, had already talked about the possibility of releasing funds from the Guarantee Fund for Length of Service (FGTS). At the time, Guedes did not give details about the proposal, but said that the government was “examining everything”.

Birthday loot

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According to official data from Federal Savings Bank (responsible for payments), more than 2 million workers joined the anniversary modality. But who can participate in the new benefit withdrawal modality?

Workers who have sums in the FGTS and wish to make withdrawals every year according to the calendar available. But not everyone is sure they want to do this.

Currently, the Federal Government pays the loot birthday of the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS). Workers born in the March and April who joined this new modality started to receive their benefit from this month.

The amount to be paid will be available on the date the worker chose: on the day May 4th or 11th. Receiving on the day 11, the worker will be entitled to new interest and also monetary correction.
The withdrawal-anniversary allows the withdrawal of part of the balance of any account, being it active or inactive from the fund each year, in the anniversary month, in exchange for not receiving part of what is entitled in case of unfair dismissal. The worker may receive through self-service terminals, lottery shops or another bank. This will depend on which channel he chose when choosing loot-birthday.

Do you know the amount you can receive? The amount to be released varies according to the balance of each account in the worker’s name. In addition to a percentage, he will receive a fixed additional, according to the total amount established in the account. The amount to be withdrawn varies from 50% of the balance without an additional installment, for accounts up to R $ 500, to 5% of the balance and an additional R $ 2.9 thousand for accounts with more than R $ 20 thousand.

The accounts are a little complex, but let’s explain. For example, if a worker has R $ 1,450 in all FGTS accounts, it will be possible to withdraw 30% of the total, plus a portion of R $ 150. In other words, the withdrawal will be R $ 585.

R $ 1,400 x 30% = R $ 435.00 + Additional R $ 150 = R $ 585.00.

Check out the anniversary withdrawal calendar below:

  • January and February – withdrawals from April to June 2020;
  • March and April – withdrawals from May to July 2020;
  • May and June – withdrawals from June to August 2020;
  • July – withdrawals from July to September 2020;
  • August – withdrawals from August to October 2020;
  • September – withdrawals from September to November 2020;
  • October – withdrawals from October to December 2020;
  • November – withdrawals from November 2020 to January 2021;
  • December – withdrawals December 2020 to February 2021.

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