NASA launches trailer for upcoming trip to the Moon with narration by Captain Kirk


NASA has released a new video that serves as a “trailer” for its trip to the Moon, which is expected to take place by 2024. The material comes after the request of the United States special agency for more than R $ 5 billion to help finance the plans lunar exploration.

The video, narrated by actor William Shatner (Captain Kirk of “Star Trek”) shows the scenes of past trips and follows a patriotic tone that is already expected of American trips to space. NASA recently announced the Artemis mission, which is expected to send astronauts to the Moon in 2024. One highlight of the mission is that it will take the first woman to set foot on lunar soil.

The U.S. space agency now needs to race against the clock, working on its special launch system for the lunar landing equipment, which has already been delayed, as well as trying to increase the excitement of the public and politicians to get the support needed for the new trip to be a success.


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