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The idea is to simulate the time that astronauts spend on long missions to the Moon and Mars

Have you ever stopped to think that social isolation – caused by the Covid-19 pandemic – can be a preparation
for humanity to conquer other planets? Believe me, this is totally possible, and you can be part of this great challenge.

NASA is looking for volunteers
for a “trip” to Mars. They will be confined for eight months to one space flight simulator
, in an installation near Moscow, capital of Russia. The information is from the Daily Star website.
The intention is to analyze what are the effects caused by confinement
simulating the time that astronauts would spend on long missions to both the Moon and Mars. The project is part of NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP), which studies ways to improve the safety and productivity of human beings during space travel.
Although they never leave the ground, “volunteer astronauts” will be subject tensions and dangers
of a journey to the Red Planet. “Participants will experience environmental aspects similar to those expected during future missions to Mars,” describes the space agency in a statement to the press.
Still in the experiment, they will also have to simulate similar activities
to those fulfilled by the crew during a launch.
Once the flight simulator doors are closed, all contact with the outside world will be cut
, except for a link that will work over radio waves.


Volunteers must be willing to live eight months locked up in a closed space – which simulates a spaceship – at the Institute for Biomedical Problems in Moscow

Astronaut routine

During the stay, the volunteers will use virtual reality goggles to control robots and will drive several others scientific experiments
designed to show how a team in long-term isolation copes with the stress of an extended space mission.
In addition, they will face simulated emergencies as well as a daily work routine
: Dealing with boredom and, without a doubt, with the personal friction of the confinement in a space of only 550 cubic meters, the equivalent of nine containers of trucks.

Mission requirements

As q required qualifications
through the NASA website, unfortunately, they will exclude most people. To be “hired”, aspiring astronauts must be healthy, between 30 and 50 years old and have some professional experience in the areas of “science, technology, engineering or mathematics”.
To complete, you need to be fluent
in Russian and English and, of course, be willing to spend eight months in confinement.
But none of this will be free. NASA informs on its website that all participants will be remunerated
, although no specific amount has been mentioned.
If after all this information, you think you are up to the challenge
and meets all requirements, visit the website
 NASA to do its subscription
. Good luck!

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