Number of deaths per day due to coronavirus slows in Italy


Italy recorded 119 new deaths from the covid-19 epidemic on Saturday (23) against 130 the previous day, the Civil Protection Agency reported, while the daily count of new cases rose marginally to 659 from 652 on Friday.

The total death toll since the outbreak on February 21 is now 32,735, according to the agency, the third largest in the world, after the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Civil Protection Agency said the total number of confirmed cases in Italy since the start of its outbreak is now 229,327, the sixth highest number in the world behind the United States, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

People registered as having the disease fell to 57,552 on Saturday, from 59,322 the previous day.

There were 572 people in intensive care on Saturday, compared to 595 on Friday. Of those originally infected, 138,840 were declared recovered against 136,720 the previous day.

The agency said 2.164 million people were tested for the virus as of Saturday, compared with 2.122 million on Friday, in a population of about 60 million.

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