PJ found the two children under 14 who were missing in Vila Real – Observador


The Judiciary Police located two institutionalized minors aged 14, who had been “on the run” since Monday, May 18, when they disappeared from a host institution in Chaves, Vila Real district.

The news was given by the Judiciary Police, which in a statement said it located the teenagers “through the Criminal Investigation Department of Vila Real”. In the statement, the PJ refers to having already sent the two girls to the host institution where they lived.

The authorities also indicate that they are continuing “investigations” regarding the “investigation of the concrete circumstances related to the escape perpetrated by the minors of the institution” and also about possible “involvement in other facts related to sexual crime”.

This Thursday, in statements to Agência Lusa, source of the PSP Police Station in Chaves, said: “We were alerted to the disappearance on May 18 and since then we have been taking steps and continue to search in our territorial area” , revealed a source from the PSP Police Station in Chaves.

PJ investigates the disappearance of two institutionalized young women in Chaves

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