Rio has 21,600 confirmed cases and 2.6 deaths from covid-19


The state of Rio de Janeiro has 21,600 confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus (covid-19), according to a bulletin from the Department of Health released today (16). This Saturday, the government confirmed 176 more deaths, totaling 2,614 deaths due to the disease. There are still 1,015 deaths under investigation and 196 have been discarded.

So far, the capital of Rio de Janeiro concentrates most of the confirmed cases, 12,295, which is equivalent to about 57% of the cases registered in the state. The city also has the highest number of deaths from infection, 1,751.

After the capital, Niterói appears in second place with the highest number of confirmed cases, 1,188, and 65 deaths. Next is Duque de Caxias, with 918 confirmed cases to date and 144 deaths.

Across the state, at least 17,557 people have recovered from the infection caused by the virus. Rio de Janeiro also records 4,838 hospitalizations, with 979 people already discharged for being cured.

The data are for 18h today. In a note, the secretariat clarifies that the cases and deaths recorded in the bulletin did not occur in the last 24 hours. He also states that, in the last week, the testing capacity of the Central Noel Nutels Laboratory (Lacen) and partner laboratories has doubled, from 900 to up to 1,800 samples analyzed per day.

More information about the disease can be obtained by calling 160 (toll-free) or online.


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