Russia is the second largest global focus for covid-19. Here’s how “the pandemic has ruined Putin’s plans”


In a few days Russia climbed several positions in the table and is currently the second country in the world with more confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus. With a record of more than 240 thousand cases, the Russian territory is still far from more than 1.37 million cases in the USA, but the prospects are not encouraging. Health authorities have reported more than 10,000 new cases on a daily basis, which fears that Russia will also start to scale in the accounts of deaths related to covid-19, the disease associated with this virus.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov are among those infected, as are several deputies. Earlier this week, the country’s President, Vladimir Putin, announced the gradual lifting of restrictive measures and the end of payment for days when the Russians were unable to work. Putin had defined a six-week period during which workers should continue to be paid. However, about a third of employers will not have guaranteed payment to their employees as prescribed by the presidential directive.

In late March, Anna Maksimova left Moscow, the main focus of the country’s pandemic, to a country house in Povarovo, a rural town about 60 kilometers from the capital. He took with him “pets and some necessary things”, he tells Expresso. As she works in the administrative section of a supermarket chain, “a business that cannot stop because people need to eat”, Anna continues to have to travel to Moscow. He doesn’t do it five days a week, but two to three. Result: your earnings “fell 16%”.


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