Shooting stops distribution of basic food baskets in Providência; 19-year-old dies in action | Rio de Janeiro


Another action to distribute basic food baskets was interrupted by shootings in favelas in Rio de Janeiro. This Thursday (21), the case happened during an operation by the Providence Pacifying Police Unit, in downtown Rio, where a 19-year-old was killed because of the shots.

According to volunteers from the pre-university entrance exam Machado de Assis, from Providência, the shooting started when the group delivered 50 basic food baskets to the families of students at the Reverendo Hugh Clarence Tucker State School, also in the central region of Rio.

Rodrigo Cerqueira – Photo: Rodrigo Cerqueira

“When I went up the slope, I saw police cars going up. They stopped and policemen came out with ninja caps. We hear a shot, there were about 80 people on the school’s slope,” says one of the volunteer teachers in the project.

There was turmoil when residents realized that someone had been shot. They filmed the departure of the police from the community taking the wounded, Rodrigo Cerqueira, 19 years old. Residents came to protest against the agents, but were interrupted by a spray thrown by the military.

Rodrigo was taken to the Municipal Hospital Souza Aguiar, in the same region, but according to the Municipal Health Department, he arrived dead at the unit.

Rush in Providência – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

According to the Military Police, UPP agents were patrolling Rua Rivadávia Corrêa, in Santo Cristo, when they were shot and shot back. The corporation says Rodrigo was a suspect and, with him, a pistol, ammunition and drugs were seized.

Relatives and friends, however, claim that the young man was innocent, that he studied and worked as a street vendor in the region.

“Rodrigo was a very nice boy, very calm. He was a boy who always sat in the front row, who participated in all activities. We don’t know what Rodrigo’s life was like outside of school, but we, all teachers, can say that Rodrigo was a wonderful boy in the school “, says a teacher of the dead student.

The Civil Police reported that Rodrigo Cerqueira had no criminal record and that an investigation was launched to investigate the young man’s death.

The president of the Human Rights Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), Congresswoman Renata Souza, from Psol, spoke on social media after the case: “Another poor, black and slum family that loses a loved one in this fate bloody public insecurity. Until when? ”

Rodrigo Cerqueira – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

A survey of the Fogo Cruzado data platform reported that the episode in Providência was the fifth time, since the beginning of the quarantine in Rio, that shootings prevented the distribution of food baskets in Greater Rio. According to the platform, in all situations , there was the presence of state security agents.

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