Teresa is back at the center of the controversy!


After being the target of strong criticism for her posture with Sandrina, the ex-hairdresser isolated herself from the group and Hélder looked for his colleague to resolve, once and for all, everything that was hindering the relationship between them.
However, Teresa was very uncompromising with her companion from Santa Maria da Feira and gave him harsh criticisms, not only of her leadership style, but also of the fact that Hélder did not formulate opinions in his head but that of others.
The atmosphere between the two competitors continued to ignite and Teresa even ended up asking her colleague to never speak to her again at home.
Later, Angélica also sought out the ex-hairdresser to resolve the situation and apologized for having misbehaved with her colleague during the discussion.
Will Teresa’s attitude on «Big Brother» continue to create moments of tension? Follow everything on TVI Reality.

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