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On that March 14th, the last he was seen alive, he posted two posts on Instagram. In one show, the production of a possible video clip, in another, a concert he gave in Cape Verde. In fact, Mota Jr. even managed to fill a stadium in Guinea, where he has a legion of fans.

Despite having released his first CD in 2014, David Mota gave his first television interview to RTP Africa only at the end of December 2019. The interviewer asks him the question that apparently many asked: “But this white man will sing in Creole why? ” and David justified himself. He grew up in a neighborhood where most of his friends were Cape Verdeans and that was how they communicated. It was with them that he shared many habits and experiences and started listening to Cape Verdean music. Together they started making the first beats and improvisations. So, when he started to write the first song, he felt more comfortable expressing himself in Creole.

“I am not inspired by anyone, I write, I do everything“, He said, explaining that he wrote about his life.

At the time of the interview, however, the rapper assumed he had taken a break and had a project in Portuguese in hand. It was the only way to “get to some places” and progress professionally. And in the song “Eu Sou”, released later that year, the musician seems to be giving a message to someone:

– And I am .. the same fella you met a while ago

– And I go .. after my dream because I am capable

– And I’m … in a neighborhood surrounded by envy

– And I know .. that I can’t sleep unless they pass me by

An envy that you also spoke of during that interview. David Mota assumed that there was rivalry with other singers and even spoke of a problem he had with another rapper, whose discussion ended in a knockout on social networks. David was referring to rapper Piruka, author of the song “Ca Bu Fla Ma Nau”, which ended up reaching 21 million views on Youtube and in which David participated, in Creole. David always considered that the success was due to his intervention and that the contract they both made had only been partially fulfilled. He had won 13,000 euros, but said he should receive more.

Still in this interview with RTP Africa, David was compared – and accepted the comparison – with Eminem, for being a white rapper. “Yes, you are rowing against the tide … if you don’t have the willpower …”, he said.

David is the youngest of three brothers. Sara, her sister, is 33 years old and Pedro 35. The whole family came to live in London when their father – who lived there because he found a better job – was diagnosed with leukemia. David was 15 and had a difficult adaptation to English school. Only then did they return to the São Marcos neighborhood in Sintra.

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