The memes of the Bolsonaro meeting video


The video of the ministerial meeting of the alleged interference of Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) in the Federal Police was released today after Minister Celso de Mello, of the STF, removed the confidentiality of the recording. Such an expectation for the development of the images has caused enormous repercussions since the moment of the April 22 meeting.

The main focus of the video, which was released in full against the request of Jair Bolsonaro, was the possible speech of the president wanting to interfere politically in the command of the Federal Police because of information that could involve his family, as was mentioned by former minister Sergio Moro in his resignation statement. The videos released have become a full plate for memes on the internet.

Bolsonaro’s non-supporters saw an open path to impeachment

And today’s edition of Jornal Nacional has never been more anticipated in history

On the other hand, those who defended Bolsonaro saw nothing much in the disclosure and believe that the video served to re-elect the president in 2022

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