‘There was also a share of guilt’


Bola da Vez does not stop and brings another heavyweight guest this Saturday, at 10 pm (Brasília time) at ESPN Brazil and in ESPN App: defender Dedé. And the cruise, of course, was one of the main subjects of the program. The player talked a lot about the relegation of the club and commented on Rogério Ceni’s visit to Toca da Raposa, choosing one of the commander’s biggest mistakes and also sharing the blame for the sticking with him.

Ceni spent just over a month on the cruise. He had an encouraging start with a victory over Santos, but ended up getting involved in several conflicts with the players in the locker room.

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“I don’t know how to tell you that (if Cruzeiro would be saved if Ceni stayed in office). But I think that the situation of the team going down, there is also a part of the fault of Rogério Ceni. He had many opportunities … I am not bugging or speaking ill of him. But it wasn’t just the coach’s tactical and technical work there. There is the psychological as well. And this psychological situation was very inflamed, ’said Dedé.

Ceni’s passage through Cruzeiro became a topic again after statements by goalkeeper Fábio to SportsCenter, from ESPN, saying that the coach said something to the cast and behaved differently before the press.

“It started with Thiago’s statement about Edilson’s lineup. Then, there was a meeting with Rogério, he said he could have removed Thiago, sent Thiago away, but as Thiago apologized, he forgot that problem and said that everything was resolved. Then, in that meeting, he said that whatever happened, he wanted nothing more to be put in the press, which would solve everything internally. Then, we went to a game against Grêmio at Independência, we lost 4 to 1 on a Sunday morning. And he said a lot of things, as if we had delivered the game ”, said Fábio.

Dedé also spoke about the case and confirmed the problems in the Cruzeirense dressing room, but denied any movement by him and the players to take the coach down.

“The fan even thought, as Rogério said, that we were wrong. I think football, especially at a difficult time, the whole team has to come together as strong as possible. We see the difficulty of playing well again, our team played very well in 2018. Our team was starting to split up, sending messages to each other in interviews. And I tried to appease that, ”he said.

“I tried to put the main pieces we had (Thiago Neves, Edilson, Sassá) in harmony. Or professionalism. We were wearing the Cruzeiro shirt. And there, after what I said, Rogério Ceni even resigned. But in my view, I have nothing to do with his situation. Whoever fires is the board, ”he added.

For Dedé, one of Ceni’s main mistakes at Toca da Raposa had happened much earlier. And just after the moment of greatest excitement of all.

“One of Rogério’s biggest mistakes was to think that by age players would not perform as he wanted. We had a game that I think was wonderful, it was the game for us to start. It was against Santos, with Sampaoli doing one of the best jobs, beating everyone. We won 2-0 without scares, we played an excellent game ”, says Dedé.

“Right after that, I think it was one of the things that Rogério Ceni failed. There was no discussion between me and him or anyone else (about the changes in the team). This left the players with a stir. I think it was a wrong step by Rogério. If I knew how to handle the situation, it could be more successful, ”he continues.

“As he really wanted speed, he put it in his head that he couldn’t play, for example, Henrique and Arial, two more cadenced players. And I understand his form, so much that I gave my life for Rogério Ceni at Cruzeiro. But in my way of thinking, this is evaluated by performance. The player who is giving the answer must have the chance ”, he continues.

“And I’m sure that Rogério will grow a lot in football analyzing some situations that he had in Cruzeiro. We learn a lot. He knows how much I dedicated myself to his work ”, he concludes.

Ceni left Cruzeiro after just eight games, with two wins, two draws and four defeats. Abel Braga took over the team, but he also failed to improve the situation. In the end, the team ended up relegated to Serie B with Adilson Batista as coach.

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