Vice-President of the Spanish Government explains contagion with the fact that Madrid is “in a straight line” with New York



Two weeks ago, another Spanish governor also presented a geographic justification to explain the difference in numbers between Portugal and Spain. She was also criticized,


The vice-president of the Spanish Government, Carmen Calvo, revealed, this Tuesday, a theory about the numbers of infected in the country, one of the most affected in the world, especially in the spread in the capital.

“New York, Madrid, Tehran and Beijing are almost in a straight line (…). They are big cities where there was a problem with the devil,” stressed Carmen Calvo in Parliament.

The official’s statement has been the target of several criticisms, mainly on social networks.

It is recalled that about two weeks ago, another Spanish ruler also presented a theory, much criticized, to explain the difference between the Spanish and Portuguese numbers.

“In Portugal [o vírus] stopped before. It came from the east and they are a little further west and so they were able to stop a little earlier ”, said Teresa Ribera, the minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge who was responsible for coordinating the work of the transition plan to a“ new normality ” ” in Spain.

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