“Coronavirus accelerated Marisa’s digital plans”, says CEO


SÃO PAULO – The pandemic has forced all major fashion retailers in the country to close their doors. At Marisa (AMAR3), the coronavirus arrived at a very delicate moment: the end of a turnaround process.

The company announced on Thursday (28) a loss of R $ 107.1 million in the first quarter, compared to R $ 32.4 million in losses in the same period of the previous year. Net revenue between January and March was R $ 571.7 million, a decrease of 5.4%.

For those who prefer to see the glass “half full”, the crisis has allowed Marisa to accelerate its plans to make the company more digital. Ship from store (sending products purchased from e-commerce directly from stores) has been implemented in 130 of the company’s 354 stores since the beginning of the pandemic. Last week, the company also pre-launched the “Sou Sócia” program, which will allow anyone to become a digital seller of the chain.

“These were measures that were already foreseen, but that we accelerated the implementation due to the crisis”, said Marcelo Pimentel, Marisa’s CEO in live from InfoMoney this Thursday (28). See the full interview in the player above or click here.

Pimentel says that the company still has a series of initiatives focused on digital that should be launched soon. Among them is the Marisa application, which will be made available in June and will offer not only the purchase of goods but also the company’s financial products. “Our goal is to be the Brazilian women’s app, so we are going to combine fashion and services,” he said.

In the first three months of the year, Marisa’s e-commerce sales grew 47.3%, compared to an increase of 52.5% in the same period last year. In 2019, e-commerce was responsible for about all 7% of sales. According to Pimentel, this percentage should reach double digits in 2020 due to the pandemic.

“What we know is that nothing will be the same as before, but I also don’t believe that what we are experiencing now is the new normal. That is why our focus is on making the company agile and hybrid. Prepare for both digital growth and physical store ”, he said during the live.

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