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Investigators of the plane crash in Pakistan last week with two black boxes are on their way to France, where they will be analyzed.

  • Two people survive plane crash in Pakistan’s residential area
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The aircraft crashed in a residential area while trying to land in the city of Karachi, according to officials.

Plane crash of 97 dead in Pakistan; two people survived

An Airbus test plane, which has been carrying cargo because of the coronavirus crisis, is due to arrive in France on Monday. The air accident agency BEA will analyze the black boxes.

The French are involved in the investigation because the crashed plane, an A320, is manufactured by Airbus. Decoding messages requires sophisticated equipment, which Pakistanis lack.

Pakistan International Airlines’ A320 crashed on the runway on May 22. 97 people died after the pilots reported that none of the engines were running.

Two passengers survived. The crash site is isolated.

BEA analysts are expected to open the black boxes on Tuesday and download the data; one has the recording of the pilots in the cabin, and the other, data from the aircraft.

You need to see the physical state of the chips that contain these files.

Initial reports suggest that the engines were damaged on the runway in a first landing attempt that went wrong – the plane entered very fast and in a very steep position on the runway.

Investigators will analyze the cabin data to try to understand whether the damage to the engines from the first landing attempt was the reason they were cut off on the second attempt, which left the plane unable to reach the airport’s perimeter.

Experts warn that it is too early to say what caused the accident.

In Karachi, authorities are still identifying the victims’ bodies.

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