Exports exceed imports by R $ 24 billion in May – News


Brazil had a positive trade balance of R $ 24 billion (US $ 4.5 billion) in May, the lowest for the month since 2015, of R $ 14.95 billion (US $ 2.8 billion), in a month marked by a fall stronger in terms of exports, the Ministry of Economy announced this Monday (1st).

Exports totaled R $ 95.5 billion (US $ 17.9 billion) in the month, a decrease of 4.2% over the same month last year, affected by the strong decline in international prices amid the slowdown in global demand with the new coronavirus crisis.

According to the Ministry of Economy, there was a 15.6% decrease in the prices of goods sold by Brazil compared to May 2019. The volume traded rose 5.6%, with records recorded in the period for all months of the historical series for shipments of goods. oil, sugar, soybean meal, coffee and beef. In the agricultural sector, the exported volume increased by 36.1%.

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“The good export performance of agribusiness has offset the decline observed for exports of industrialized products, giving resilience to the national export sector and contributing to a less pronounced fall in domestic activity, in a context of a progressive fall in global GDP,” said the Ministry of Agriculture. Economy in note.

In comparison with May last year, exports to Asia rose 27.7%. For China, Hong Kong and Macau alone, growth was 35.2%.


The country’s imports fell 1.6% in May over a year earlier, to R $ 71.5 billion (US $ 13.4 billion). In a note, the ministry stressed that the figure was strongly affected by the nationalization operations of two oil platforms, totaling R $ 14.4 billion (US $ 2.7 billion), under the Repetro-Sped customs regime.

Disregarding this effect, imports would have fallen by 21.7% by the daily average in relation to May 2019.

Purchases of fuel (-61.6%), consumer goods (-24.3%) and intermediate goods (-11%) fell over the same period last year.

In the first five months of the year, the trade balance was positive at R $ 87 billion (US $ 16.3 billion), down 17.9% compared to the same stage of 2019 by the daily average of operations.

The Ministry of Economy reaffirmed this Monday its forecast of a positive trade balance of R $ 248.8 billion (US $ 46.6 billion), a 3% contraction over the result of last year, in a calculation that already takes into account the global impact of the pandemic.

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