Health Secretary says SP city is not on a downward curve with coronavirus, but denies risk of collapse | Sao Paulo


The Municipal Secretary of Health Edson Aparecido said this Tuesday morning (2) that the city of São Paulo in the downward curve of the Covid-19 pandemic process, but stressed that it believes that there is no risk of collapse in the public health system. . However, he said it is necessary to monitor the situation of the disease carefully.

“We are not on the downward curve of the pandemic process, either in the number of cases, in the number of hospitalizations, or in the number of deaths. So, we are now entering a less accelerated pace than we had before with much health control. more effective. I do not believe that public health in the city today is at any risk of collapse. I think we have already overcome this phase, but the data, the rates, the rates, the scenarios need to be monitored very carefully, “he said. .

Currently, the capital of São Paulo has an occupancy rate of 62% of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), according to the São Paulo City Hall. According to the coordinator of Hospital Assistance to fight the disease, Luis Carlos Zamarco, the slowdown in the number of hospitalizations and the arrival of respirators contributed to the decrease in the rate in the capital.

São Paulo City Hall receives proposals from sectors that want to reopen in the new quarantine phase

The Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development received until Tuesday morning 50 proposals from sectors to resume activities following the protocols of the state government.

The city of São Paulo was classified as orange during the flexibilization stage. During this period, malls, shops, dealerships, real estate agents and offices may request reopening.

“We took stock yesterday in the late afternoon, both in terms of ICU beds, we have an occupancy rate of 62% today. The number of beds for ICU Covid of 100 thousand inhabitants for the city of São Paulo, we have almost that 4 times the required number, and the rest of the criteria are all in line “, said Edson Aparecido. According to him, this is a guarantee for the permanence of the city in orange color.

For the reopening of trade, orders must be filed and authorized by the municipal administration.

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