13% of bars, restaurants and hotels have closed permanently


The hotel and catering sector is, to say the least, damaged in Spain. 40,000 establishments have already closed permanently in Spain (13% of the total number of cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels in the country!) Due to the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, weighed down by the lack of tourists or employees from office, indicated the employers’ organization of this economic sector. A crucial sector in this very touristy country, whose inhabitants also take many meals away from home. By the end of 2020, 65,000 establishments should have closed, or more than 20% of the total. “The worst omens will be confirmed,” regretted the president of the federation, José Luis Izuel, during a press conference.

In the middle of summer, and while the borders with the European Union have reopened a month ago, “there are very few tourists (…) in areas of outright tourism”, such as the Balearic archipelago where less than half of the bars and restaurants had reopened by July 13, said Izuel. Business is also very bad in the office districts of big cities, deserted while teleworking is still recommended by the government. “Telecommuting affects breakfast, pincho de tortilla (piece of omelet), churros (donuts), the menu of the day, especially in Madrid,” Izuel explained, citing the traditionally eaten snacks. by the Spaniards who often have their breakfast in cafes.

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The sector’s turnover could be cut by 50% in 2020 according to the organization, which fears the loss of 900,000 to 1.1 million direct and indirect jobs. Hosteleria de España is calling for “a lot of money” from the European loan and grant stimulus package approved on Tuesday to be used to support the hotel and catering sector, which accounts for 6% of Spain’s GDP and around

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