25th mink company infected with corona, now in Westerbeek


Once again, a corona infection has been detected at a mink farm. It is a mink farm in Westerbeek, in the municipality of Sint Anthonis, with 1100 dams. The animals on the farm are culled as soon as possible.

The contamination was discovered after puppies were tested for transport to another location, the Ministry of Agriculture reports. Since 10 July, puppies that grow up for animal welfare may be moved under strict conditions to vacant farms that have not been culled before. The puppies are tested before transport.

A total of 25 mink farms in Brabant and Limburg have now been declared infected. The previous contamination was also diagnosed at a company in Sint Anthonis. That happened on Wednesday in Ledeacker. At the 24 farms where the virus was previously detected, all animals were culled:

Tightening rules
In view of the recently found infections, ministers Hugo de Jonge of Health and Carola Schouten of Agriculture, together with the fur farming sector and experts, have tightened up the hygiene protocol.

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) was also asked to provide advice on recent developments. This advice is expected soon.

Stops the Regeling

The government is working on a quit scheme with which mink companies can voluntarily terminate their business operations in the short term. From 2024, mink farms in the Netherlands will be banned in any case.

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