263,000 viewers for the first episode of Buch in the Special Bajes | NOW


Nicole Buch managed to attract 263,000 people to SBS6 on Thursday evening with her new program Buch in the Special Bajes. In the three-part series, she visits prisons in Italy, Uruguay and Georgia.

The program will be broadcast on SBS6 at 8.30 pm, at the same time Mindf*ck Caribbean was shown at NPO1. 619,000 people watched it. To The Perfect Picture 199,000 people watched RTL 4 at 8:30 PM.

although Buch in the Special Bajes managed to secure a spot in the top 25 of the KijkOnderzoek day, a spot in the top three required a significantly higher number of viewers. It NOS News from 20:00 was again the most watched program with 1.66 million viewers. To The smartest person 1.46 million people watched and On 1 996,000 people.

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