Al-Hol refugee camp is a hotbed for IS terror


Berlin (dpa) – According to the Federal Government, the Al-Hol refugee camp in Syria has developed into a dangerous school of terror.

The ideology of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) and its implementation would be passed on there, in particular by foreign IS supporters, “in organized teaching groups to minors”, according to a response from the Federal Foreign Office to a small request from the left faction.

“The level of radicalization among children and adolescents is correspondingly high. Violent and verbal outbursts of violence from this group are increasing, »the document available to the German Press Agency continues. From the IS management level, the children and adolescents in the refugee camps and prisons were apparently regarded as the “next generation” of the so-called IS.

The Al-Hol camp is located in a Kurdish-controlled region in northeast Syria. The federal government reports on the general situation in the camp that arose after the conquest of the last Syrian IS stronghold Baghus in March 2019, citing press reports and its own findings: in 2019. » The refugee camps are overcrowded, the supply situation is poor. It is estimated that around 80 percent of the women who came to Al-Hol from Baghus had joined the “IS moral police”.

According to the Syrian Democratic Forces, there are currently around 12,000 (former) members of IS in prisons administered by Kurds in eastern and northern Syria, the Federal Foreign Office said. The Federal Government specifies the number of interned adult German citizens with reference to IS or another terrorist organization at 80 – 30 men and 50 women.

“The maintenance of internal security and order in certain institutions in northern Syria is overwhelming,” the federal government notes. The left-wing politician Ulla Jelpke criticized: “On the one hand, it is absurd to still refuse to recognize the self-government of northern and eastern Syria, but on the other hand to give it full responsibility for guaranteeing international standards in prison conditions.”

The government said it had found out about twelve German women who had been detained for alleged involvement in IS crimes in northern Syria and then released. According to information from the federal government, nine of these women have so far returned to Germany. Investigations were underway against them.

“The federal government must at least take over the children of IS jihadists from Germany together with their mothers,” said Jelpke, chairwoman of the left in the interior committee. There is no other way “to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and a new generation of IS terrorists”.


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