Bloody photo evidence: Furious Amber Heard almost completely destroyed Johnny Depp’s kitchen


Johnny Depp claimed in court on Wednesday that his ex Amber Heard once destroyed his kitchen after an outburst of rage. In court, the actor tried to substantiate that claim with photo evidence.In the lawsuit that Johnny Depp (Pirates of the CaribbeanCurrently running against British tabloid newspaper The Sun, his exciting details are again on the turbulent love life of Depp and Amber Heard (Aquaman) came to light. For example, Depp showed photos in court on Wednesday of a destroyed kitchen in a house in Australia.

Shards of glass and blood splatters
The photos show the glass of a smashed kitchen cupboard and blood splatters on the floor. Depp claims that Heard was the one who wreaked havoc. She is said to have gotten crazy during a fight and threw a vodka bottle at the actor. Depp says he also lost the tip of his finger, photos of which are also shown.Defamatory article
Depp sued The Sun for defamation after that newspaper dismissed him as a “woman abuser”. The actor demands substantial compensation for this. The case is currently being heard in London and will take several weeks.

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