Briefly, there are still many open points in negotiations at the EU summit


Briefly called for the Corona Aid Fund to further reduce the proportion of funds that should be paid out as grants rather than loans. There is “little objection to the total sum of 750 billion euros per se,” said Kurz. “The ratio of grants versus loans simply has to change.”

EU Council President Charles Michel proposed a subsidy cut on Saturday from 500 to 450 billion euros. In return, the loan share was increased accordingly to 300 billion euros. In short, that’s not enough.

When asked to what extent the other Member States have a say in the payment of Corona aid and what conditions there should be, he is “somewhat more flexible” than the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, said the Chancellor. “But it is necessary that the money flows into greening, digitization and reforms. We have some countries that currently do not have competitive systems.”

“A mechanism must therefore be found to ensure that the funds are used correctly,” said Kurz. Rute’s demands are “ambitious” and encountered “some headwind” at the summit.

Kurz was partially satisfied that the discount for Austria on contribution payments to the EU budget was increased again. “That’s not quite enough for us, we want something more, but the direction is good.”


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