British government introduces stricter immigration rules for EU citizens


British Home Secretary Patel has announced stricter immigration rules. The new approach treats EU citizens in the same way as immigrants from other countries. The tightened legislation meets the wishes of the Brexit voters, says Patel.

“The British people voted to regain control of our land borders and introduce immigration rules based on a points system,” said the minister.

Minimum requirements for anyone wishing to settle in the UK are adequate knowledge of the English language and an Employer’s Job Guarantee. There is also a lower limit to what someone should earn per year. Foreign offenders and people sentenced to sentences of more than a year may be expelled from the country.

Keep out the low-skilled

Actually, the model is mainly aimed at excluding low-skilled migrants, with a few exceptions, “says Brexit expert Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute.” For highly skilled people without a permanent appointment, a few exceptions can be made so that they can remain. “

EU citizens already living in the UK can make a special application to remain in the country.

Concerns about foreign workers

British employers are concerned whether sufficient workers will enter the country under the new rules. For example, farmers already have a shortage of seasonal workers this year. The healthcare sector is also reacting critically: foreign healthcare workers, for which Prime Minister Johnson expressed special appreciation after his own hospitalization, are entering the country more difficult after 1 January.

According to Brexit expert Korteweg, it is still unclear what exactly the consequences of the adjustments will be. “As border guards are going to be tightened up, I think more illegal immigrants will try to get in before that. And as for EU citizens, it will have a deterrent effect on people from Spain and Italy who now want to finish their studies linger.”

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