Brunello Cucinelli donates unsold clothing for lockdown


Rome, July 14 (askanews) – Brunello Cucinelli announces the “Project in support of humanity”, according to which, clothing that has remained unsold due to the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus, will be donated. The clothes will have an indelible label that says “Brunello Cucinelli for Humanity”.

“This project that we all call ‘intense’ seems to me that in some way it raises the dignity of man and honors all those who have worked in the creation of these garments – declared Brunello Cucinelli -. He will walk hand in hand with the other, which started several years ago, which consists in repairing, recovering and reusing all our products. Everything goes to complete the biggest ‘human sustainability’ project that we have always believed in and that we like to summarize in: ‘climate and emissions, care for the earth and animals and care for the human person. “It would be a real pleasure for me if this symbolic gesture were accepted as a sign of good wishes for a new and lasting new time”.


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