But there are still opportunities for Hahn and Weeze flight locations


Dublin / Frankfurt (dpa) – The low-cost airline Ryanair and its German pilots have largely agreed on the wage cuts requested by the company. This was confirmed on Tuesday by the company in Dublin and the pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit in Frankfurt.

This increases the chances that Irish airline planes will remain stationed at the Hahn, Weeze and Berlin locations over the winter.

After a narrow ballot against the Ryanair proposals, the situation was reassessed, said VC spokesman Janis Schmitt. In renewed negotiations over the weekend, improvements in protection against dismissal were then achieved. In addition, pilots must now be offered a relocation if their station is closed.

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary had said that 85 percent of the pilots and 75 percent of flight attendants agreed to the temporary cuts. This was denied by both the VC and the Verdi trade union responsible for cabin personnel. Negotiations for the flight attendants will continue this week, said a Verdi spokeswoman. There is no conclusion yet.

Ryanair had internally threatened to shut down its subsidiary Malta Air’s German bases if there was no approval. The airline now wants to rethink the station closures, which would affect around 170 pilots and 350 flight attendants. The group had also reported excess personnel at other German bases.

Like many other airlines, Ryanair has suffered greatly from the Corona crisis. In June the company saw a 97 percent drop in passenger numbers compared to the same period last year. With many states easing their travel restrictions, the situation eased somewhat in July. Many Ryanair planes are once again on the sky over Europe: The airline is currently massively advertising particularly cheap offers in the battle for passengers.


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