Canceled Project ‘Prophecy’ from Ghost of Tsushima developer leaked


Extensive gameplay from a canceled project by Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch has surfaced under the code name Prophecy.

The leak was first seen through 4Chan and seems to come from a Sucker Punch character artist’s portfolio, which was discovered through the credits of Ghost of Tsushima. The designer’s portfolio is now offline, but fans already managed to record 10 minutes of the vertical slice from Prophecy, which you can watch here. Keep in mind that this may be removed in the future.

The images combine cinematics and gameplay and seems to be quite in development. We follow the main character Abel Tvora, an outsider whose city seems taken over – they take down a statue of the beloved king. Abel searches for a hidden room under the statue, but is chased and called a thief. The combat is very similar to that of Ghost of Tsushima and you can see that a number of systems have been adopted for the game, such as smoke bombs.

The setting is completely different, because in these images we see a kind of steampunk medieval city. The main character eventually falls into a house after being hit by an arrow and meets a special character. After this, Prophecy shows what would make the game so special – a special powder that Abel can use to melt metal. The demo ends with Abel reflecting on the fact that he should get into the secret rooms first before his opponents do.

Earlier this week, we learned that Ghost of Tsushima might as well be about pirates or the three musketeers, but the team eventually opted for the Mongol invasion of Tsushima. Prophecy may have been one of the other ideas.

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