Corona measures significantly tightened in Belgium


Wilmès was “very concerned” about the recent increase in infection rates. According to their information, the new rules will initially apply for four weeks and aim to prevent national curfews as far as possible. The head of government appealed to the “patience” and “courage” of the citizens.

The new measures significantly limit the possibilities for private meetings: Up to now, such meetings with up to 15 people were allowed. For public events in closed rooms there is a visitor limit of 100 people instead of 200 as before. A maximum of 200 people are allowed for open-air events, previously there were 400.

The people of Belgium also have to do their shopping alone. They also need to limit their shopping time to half an hour. The government also strongly advises home offices.

The measures are even more drastic in Antwerp. Between 11:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., citizens are no longer allowed to leave their homes. All bars and restaurants in the port city have to close at 11 p.m. Contact sports are prohibited, as is all team sports for adults. Homoffice in Antwerp is mandatory if the employer allows and allows it.

“Stay at home as much as possible!” the governor of the province of Antwerp, Cathy Berx, appealed to the residents. Young people should not celebrate parties so as not to endanger themselves and others, she warned.

Berx asked people from outside their province to avoid trips to Antwerp that were not absolutely necessary. In the province of Antwerp, 47 percent of new Belgian coronavirus infections were concentrated last week.

Corona measures had already been tightened in Belgium a few weeks ago. Among other things, a mask requirement already applies in shops, cinemas, museums, libraries and places of worship as well as on buses and trains. Since Saturday, breathing protection must also be worn in heavily frequented public places such as markets, shopping streets or hotels.

According to the authorities, an average of 279 Belgians were infected per day last week, compared to 163 per day the previous week. As of Monday, more than 66,000 corona cases and 9,821 deaths were recorded in Belgium.


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