Cursed: You need to know about the new Netflix stunner


Netflix is ​​bringing us a brand new action packed fantasy series tomorrow, we are now telling you what you need to know.

Netflix will release a new series tomorrow: Cursed. The ten episodes of the first season will be on the streaming service in one fell swoop, with which we have something to do this weekend.

Serial Cursed is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. They invented a completely different version of the myth of King Arthur and put their own spin on it. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the series.Also read: Epic new trailer Netflix series ‘Cursed’

The story
Cursed revolves around a completely different version of the myth of King Arthur. This time we see that the Lady of the Lake wants to save her people, who are made up of fairies. In addition, she needs to work on her claim to empower Camelot and navigate the politics and dangers of her medieval world.

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Netflix’s synopsis is as follows: After her mother’s death, the young woman Nimue (with a mysterious gift destined to become the mighty (and tragic) Lady of the Lake) finds an unexpected partner in the mercenary Arthur. Together they search for Merlin to deliver an ancient sword to him. As they travel, Nimue becomes a symbol of courage and rebellion against the terrifying Red Paladins and their king Uthur.

Wie is Nimue

Then of course there is the most important question: who is Nimue, the Lady of the Lake? In Arthurian legend, she is a mysterious sorceress who gives the sword Excalibur to Arthur (at least in certain versions of the story). She also manages to capture Merlin and raise Sir Lancelot from the dead.

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But in this series Cursed it is a very different character. Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller turned Nimue into a warrior witch and leader who uses Excalibur himself. So that promises to be something!

The main roles

Then of course there is the question of who is playing in the series. We will list it for you.

Katherine Langford is Nimue

Devon Terrell is Arthur

Gustav Skarsgård is Merlin

Matt Stokoe is Gawain

Daniel Sharman is The Weeping Monk

Besides them we also see a lot of other big and smaller names.Also read: First look at the epic Netflix series ‘Cursed’

From trailer

The first season of Cursed can be streamed on Netflix from tomorrow. Watch the trailer below!

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