Death Floyd, Mayor Portland against Trump: withdrawing soldiers from the city


Rome, 20 July (askanews) – The mayor of the city of Portland, in the US state of Oregon, repeated his appeal to the Waashington government to withdraw federal troops from the city and reiterated the accusations against the military, who are allegedly using violent tactics against demonstrators . “They are causing a rapid escalation of the situation,” Mayor Ted Wheeler told CNN. There have been nightly protests in the city against police brutality since Minneapolis police killed African American George Floyd in May. The federal government said it is trying to restore order to Portland.

Speaking to CNN, Wheeler said there are “dozens if not hundreds of soldiers” and added: “Their presence is effectively leading to further violence and vandalism. They are not welcome here, we have not asked for their presence, in fact we want them to leave. “

Oregon Governor Kate Brown described the presence of federal soldiers in the city as “pure political theater” put down to the Trump administration.


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