“EU follow FDA on products with reduced exposure”


The turning point of the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, which has given the green light to the commercialization of Philip Morris’s ‘Iqos’ system as a tobacco product that has a reduced exposure to harmful substances, “should also be followed by the EU “. This is the wish of Moira Gilchrist, vice president, Strategic & Scientific communications, Philip Morris International (Pmi), during the press videoconference promoted by Pmi on the occasion of the go-ahead of ‘Iqos’ by the FDA agency, answering questions from journalists .

According to Gilchrist “some countries, such as Holland, Germany, England, have already reached the conclusions reached by the FDA”. The turning point arrived by the American agency could “encourage the EU governments themselves in the direction of authorizing the marketing of Iqos with the wording of reduced exposure”.

Returning to the merits of what the US agency established, Philip Morris International’s vice president of Strategic & Scientific communications recalled that “the FDA’s decision was made in the absence of long-term epidemiological studies. This firmly rejects the notion of ban as a precautionary measure – he observed – The Fda decision clearly demonstrates that there is already sufficient evidence to make decisions that allow adult smokers to access the product and receive correct information that can guide their choices ”


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