Ex-Bundesliga player sued Kickers Offenbach


The Offenbach Kickers do not come to rest.

After the successfully prevented lawsuit by Nejmeddin Daghfous (training fight), the OFC has to deal with another legacy in court.

Moritz Hartmann, a former Bundesliga player for FC Ingolstadt, was under contract with the Kickers until June this year and has now filed suit for the continuation of the contractual relationship.

Background: The 34-year-old did not get a new contract after the regional league was canceled and is now insisting on a clause according to which his working paper would have automatically been extended after 15 missions. Due to the end of the season due to the corona pandemic, he could not reach the number of games with which an extension of one year takes effect.

“I am speechless. I expected everything, but not something like that,” OFC Managing Director Thomas Sobotzik told Bild. “This is not understandable. We already told him in May that we were no longer planning with him.”

The conversation took place in May, when it was far from clear whether the season could even be over.

OFC is confident of victory

Hartmann, who is now playing for SV Rhenania Bessenich in the Eifel district league club, was disappointed after the conversation and asked for time off for the last two weeks of training. Now the case goes to court.

Dr. In any case, Horst Kletke, Kickers’ lawyer, makes it unmistakably clear that the OFC’s professional GmbH is not prepared to compromise. “We see ourselves completely in the right,” said the lawyer before the start of the trial.

The first date before the Offenbach Labor Court is set for August 21.


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