Farmers in action again because Minister Schouten ignores the ultimatum


Farmers Defense Force will come next week with new actions against the controversial cattle feed measure. The farmers had issued an ultimatum: if the measure were to be phased out by July 21, the farmers would stop their actions until then. However, Minister Schouten immediately swept that ultimatum off the table, on which the farmers in turn immediately announced new actions.

“We will help the Netherlands to save nitrogen,” said Farmers Defense Force leader Mark van den Oever, after the agriculture minister ignored the ultimatum. The farmers have announced ‘numerous actions’.

Farmers Defense Force gave the minister until next week to take the cattle feed measure off the table. The minister indicated that the measure has the support of the House of Representatives and that she wants to wait for additional advice on the feed measure first.

The minister expects to be able to send all advice and calculations to the House of Representatives at the end of August. Reducing protein in animal feed is one of the measures to reduce the nitrogen content in the environment. Farmers have been campaigning against these nitrogen measures for months.

Many promotions

In recent weeks, farmers have campaigned across the country against the livestock feed measure. In our province, the Albert Heijn distribution center in Tilburg, the entrance to Eindhoven Airport, the A2 at Liempde and the Omroep Brabant building were blocked.

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