First images series murderous doll Chucky are no child’s play


After eight feature films, the American channels Syfy and USA come with a television series about the red-haired gremlin. In the show, a vintage Chucky doll pops up in a suburb. He wreaks havoc in an idyllic American town and brings chaos to a series of gruesome murders. Meanwhile, the arrival of Chucky’s past enemies – and allies – threatens to expose the truth behind the murders …

The original movie was released again in 1988. The doll Chucky quickly gained a place in the list of most famous horror characters of all time and is now more popular than ever. Chucky, as the show is called, it is produced by Don Mancini and David Kirschner: the duo that has been drawing for the films for thirty years. The regular voice actor of the murderous doll is also present: Brad Dourif.

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