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The first test results of the Oxford corona vaccine, of which the Netherlands, together with Germany, France and Italy, have reserved at least 300 million potential vaccines, are positive. “It is safe and triggers a response from the immune system,” said Monday.

It concerns the agent AZD1222, which is made by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and scientists from the University of Oxford.

The results are published in the journal The Lancet. These are the phase 1 test results, which examined whether the vaccine is safe and whether the immune system responds to the vaccine.

Neutralizing antibodies associated with protection against COVID-19 have been found, but “more testing is needed to see if the vaccine actually protects against infection,” it is said. It is also unknown how long these antibodies remain in the body.

Incidentally, it is no surprise that the results of phase 1 are positive: research into this vaccine is currently already in phase 3. In this phase, a large group of people is investigating whether the vaccine protects against COVID-19. The first phase study population was young and had no underlying medical problems. The drug has yet to be tested in the elderly and people with ailments.

The hope is that the vaccine can be produced on a large scale before the end of the year.

More vaccines are being produced

In addition to the Oxford vaccine, two more vaccines are currently or very soon being tested on a large scale in humans.

The vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Moderna will be tested on 30,000 people in the US from July 27. The results of the first phase of the study of this vaccine were published Thursday. A study of 45 healthy volunteers found that the immune system responds to the vaccine and no serious side effects were detected.

In addition, the vaccine of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac in Brazil is being tested on nine thousand healthcare workers. If the vaccine works, the company plans to produce millions of vaccines by the end of this year.

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