Genee, Derksen and Van der Gijp decide on the fate of Veronica Inside


The fate of the Veronica Inside program is entirely in the hands of Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp. That says Paul Römer, managing director radio and television of Talpa, on Friday NPO Radio 1.

Talpa is the parent company behind the channel Veronica, on which the program can be seen. According to Römer, whether or not to continue Veronica Inside is ‘a decision that the three men must make together’.
“They should have that discussion together, in a room with the door closed. And not through the newspapers, radio and television programs,” he says. Römer insists that, as far as Talpa is concerned, Veronica Inside returns when the feuding trio buries the hatchet.
Römer does not interfere with speculations about a daily program in a different setting with Genee, Derksen and Gijp. “I learned from Rutte not to go into what and if questions. Let’s first give the gentlemen time to see if they want to do something. Then we will look further.”
Derksen and Van der Gijp showed several times in recent weeks that there is no future for Veronica Inside. The show went off the rails after Derksen linked rapper Akwasi to Zwarte Piet, followed by a racism debate.

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