“I sought perfection in the best way I could”


“What you need to understand is that with these tires, we are told how far we can go, but we can easily shorten the life of these tires with the way we drive. I am constantly being fed with what the drivers are doing, with the difference and going up and down a few tenths with each lap ”.

“And with that you balance, if you are four tenths faster on a lap, you may not need to make four tenths, you can make two tenths, so that you can go back two tenths on that lap or save two tenths of time on the tires” .

“But then you need to apply it differently around. At the beginning of the race, I would say there was more pressure. In the beginning, it was not very easy to open two tenths off, but I think that maybe his tires have worn out a little, or I got a better pace and just increased that clearance a little more ”.

“I was more comfortable in the second ‘stint’ with my understanding and feeling with the tires, and maybe he had more grades than me. Honestly, that was a real strength of mine when managing these tires and I was able to continue to widen that gap. I was also aware of what Valtteri was doing behind him ”.

“It is a complete management experience, of course. And in terms of how much more I could have pulled off those tires, I’m sure I could have pushed a lot more, but that might have knocked me off a cliff. It’s a little bit unknown ”.

PODCAST: Behind the scenes at the start of F1 in Austria and participation by Felipe Drugovich

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