Industrial prices moderate their fall in June to 6.1% due to energy


Madrid, Jul 24 (EFE) .- Industrial prices fell 6.1% in June compared to the same month of 2019, a sharp decrease that improves, however, the year-on-year drops above 8% registered in April and May, and in which the rise in energy has influenced.

According to the industrial price index (IPRI) published this Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INE), the June rate improves by more than two and a half points that registered in May, when there was a decrease of 8.8% and It is also more moderate than 8.4% in April, months marked by the strictest containment measures by COVID-19.

In March, when the pandemic affected only a fortnight, the drop was 4.9%, according to the definitive INE data published this Friday.

By sector, the greatest influence in this change has come from energy, which, although it continues with a decrease of 16.9%, reflects the rise in the prices of oil refining and the production, transport and distribution of electrical energy, compared to to the decreases registered in June 2019.

The rate of intermediate goods also improved, with a decrease of 3.2%.

In contrast, non-durable consumer goods, with an annual variation of 0.5%, three tenths below that of the previous month, continued to record the drop in prices for the processing and preservation of meat and meat products, which increased in June 2019.

Without energy, the annual variation rate of the general index remained stable with a decrease of 0.9%, more than five points above that of the general IPRI.

Regarding the monthly evolution, the index registers an increase of 2%, which was also influenced by the increase in the prices of the production, transport and distribution of electrical energy and oil refining.

By communities, the annual rate of the IPRI increased in all the autonomous communities, except in Extremadura where it is maintained.

The highest increases occurred in Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Murcia.

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