Jail sentence for woman (49) who had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend for years


The sexual relationship lasted four years. According to the court, the woman took advantage of the relationship of trust she had with the boy.

The woman must also be treated and pay compensation of 7000 euros to the victim.

Relationship with daughter

The boy stated that he was in a relationship with the woman’s daughter. He would have liked to go further with her than just kissing, but the daughter didn’t want to. The mother then offered to practice with her, the boy says.

In the end, the two actually had sex. According to the boy, they had intercourse about 15 times in total.

Threatening suicide

Sometimes if the boy refused to meet, the woman threatened to commit suicide. That is how she worked according to the court. She would also have said she was pregnant. According to the court, the woman would have thought only of herself and completely ignored the feelings of the boy.

The woman herself stated that a love affair had developed. According to her, it was the boy who continued to seek contact, so there was no compulsion.

“He was still a child”

The court ruled that during that period the suspect abused the large age difference and ‘the immaturity of the declarant’.

The court: “The fact that he was still a child and her daughter’s boyfriend at the time of their sexual contacts did not form any obstacle.”

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