KLM will really retire Boeing 747s at the end of October NOW


The three Boeing 747-400s that KLM took off again in April when they had actually already been phased out, will still retire at the end of October. That said a spokesperson for the airline Tuesday when asked.

In March of this year, KLM announced that it would send all seven jumbo jets that were flying at that time with early retirement. This had everything to do with the corona crisis, which reduced the demand for air travel. In addition, the four-engine units are not economical in use.

KLM had already planned to remove the older aircraft from the fleet, but that was initially planned for mid-2021. More airlines are saying goodbye to the ‘Queen of the Skies’, as the 747 is affectionately called, due to the corona crisis. British Airways, which has the largest 747 fleet, did just that last week.

At KLM, the pension for three aircraft was short-lived, because they were used again in April. They were used for an airlift for medical supplies in connection with the corona crisis. “The demand from the Dutch government for medical supplies is decreasing to such an extent that KLM will be able to provide transport with regular capacity again in the future,” says KLM.

This then happens in the cargo holds of the Boeing 777s and 787s.

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